Illuvium Rankings

Illuvium is using ELO for their matchmaking system, a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in games such as chess.

Simply put, If you win a game against another player you will gain points, and if you lose against a player you will lose points. However, if you win against a higher ranked player, you will get much more points, and if you happen to lose against a higher ranked player, you will not lose much points, but if you lose against a lower ranked player, you will lose a lot more points. The amount of points you have will determine your current rank.

Over time this will develop your natural ranking for your level of skill and will have to train to gain higher ranks, until you eventually become a Grandmaster or in this case, Obelisk, the GrandMaster of Illuvium.

The current known ranks are as follows....

  • Iron I
  • Iron II
  • Iron III
  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze III
  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III
  • Platinum I
  • Platinum II
  • Platinum III
  • Diamond I
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond III
  • Holo I
  • Holo II
  • Holo III
  • Dark Holo I
  • Dark Holo II
  • Dark Holo III
  • Obelisk
  • To make things even more fun, only one person can hold the title of Obelisk at any single time!
    That's going to be one great screenshot for my socials !

    If competitive play is not your cup of tea, fear not, there is casual modes, and custom gameplay modes, so you can just enjoy the game without any pressure

    Iron 1 rank badge
    Bronze 1 rank badge
    Silver 1 rank badge
    Gold 1 rank badge
    Platinum 1 rank badge
    Diamond 1 rank badge
    Holo 1 rank badge
    Dark Holo 1 rank badge
    Obelisk 1 rank badge

    Zigzag's Other Useless Illuvium Tools

    My Illuvitar Speed Browser Tools are available here at my Illuvium Resource Store (ILV Store)

    The Illuvium Beyond Calculator I made for Illuvium Beyond Wave 1 is back and updated for wave 2.

    And of course Top Ranked Illuvitars and other Illuvitar stuff is available such as a Personmal Full Screen Illuvitar Slideshow are here.