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Dive into a unique, limited-run Illuvitar series, crafted with distinctive Team Liquid accessories. Engage with the best in Esports and own a collectible memory. Proceeds from this sale will help fund tournament
Tournament Time: We’re cooking up a co-hosted tournament that will be a magnet for competitive spirits from both our communities with a $100,000+ prize pool. See all the details of the partnership in our complete blog post.
Today we are excited to announce our partnership with @illuviumio 🔥 We are excited to playtest their new competitive PvP autobattler, expand our brand into their game universe, and guide their esports strategy into 2024.
Arena Starter Guide
[2023-11-27] by Illuvium Youtube
Dive into the thrilling world of Illuvium PvP with our Ascendant Arena Starter Guide! 🔥PLAY ON EPIC GAMES STORE: - Game Modes: Ranked, Casual, Custom Matchplay - Teambuilder - Legendary Augment Bidding Strategies - Tactical Illuvial Placement and Battle Execution - Mastery Points and Class/Affinity Synergies - Hypers and Omega Abilities
Prepare for Illuvium Arena PvP on EpicGames
[2023-11-27] by Illuvium Twitter
🔜Launching tomorrow, Nov 28, at 20:00 UTC, ensure you're equipped for victory. Our quick starter guide offers insights and tactics to excel in battle. ✍️
Community Council Vote Now Open at Illuvium!
[2023-11-26] by Illuvium Twitter
Community Council Vote Now Open at Illuvium! It's a pivotal moment for all Rangers – the voting window for our Community Council is officially open. Your participation is vital in guiding our DAO's direction.
What to expect in Beta 3
[2023-11-24] by Illuvium Blog
As Illuvium Team edges closer to the launch of Beta 3, our latest blog post offers a comprehensive overview of the new developments in both Arena and private Overworld.

D1SK WARS: Presented by Battle in the Beyond

Grab your D1SKs and Join us for Battle in the Beyond D1SK Wars in Kukka's Cave!

Friday 8pm CST, Nov 24, 2023
(double check time zone for accuracy)

Join Kukka's Cave on the Illuvium Discord.

Closure Private Beta 2, Launch of Beta 3
[2023-11-22] by Illuvium Team

We are approaching the launch of Illuvium Beta 3 on the Epic Games Store scheduled next week on November 28th at 20:00 UTC. As we prepare for this launch, we would like to share some important updates with you:

Team Builder Showdown
[2023-11-21] by Illuvium Discord
Teams have been giving a points rating and randomly drawn with their weight of points. The Core Contributors participating were taken from the Top Ranked internally according to who could participate at the given time frame and their ranking. Teams were then randomly assigned to Core Contributors and they were given the Strategies and Teams to prepare for the tournament on Wednesday, November 22, 2023 2:00 AM.
Illuvium: Arena releasing November 28th at 20:00 UTC on Epic Games! ABOUT THE GAME Illuvium is an auto battler game and an exploration creature collection game. Play in a graphically rich, sci-fi adventure and conquer the wilderness.
Zigzags Reaction To Illuvium Trailer Drop
[2023-11-20] by Zigzag_ILV
Zigzag watching the Illuvium PvP Trailer Drop, catch his reaction
Secrets to Become a PRO in Illuvium
[2023-11-19] by Viper_ILV
Giving Basic Explanations to get prepared and start out strong in PvP and bunch of deeper knowledge on top
ILLUVIUM, The first Web 3 AAA Game, Is it worth it?
[2023-11-19] by The Value Thinker
An overview video from The Value Thinker, ILLUVIUM is quickly emerging as the leading game that will likely be the first Web 3 "AAA" game to be produced. With it's epic graphics and various gameplay mode in the ILV universe, the game is set to make a splash with it's 1.5 million BETA Pre-registered users
🎨✨ Dive into the diverse and rich worlds of #Illuvium! Our talented environment artists meticulously craft each environment around the battle boards, ensuring your battles are as captivating as your journey through the overworld. Experience the beauty and dedication in every scene! 🌏⚔️ #GamingArt #EnvironmentDesign #Web3
Warpwave Assault Legendary Augment Preview
[2023-11-18] by Illuvium Twitter
🌊💥 Unleash chaos with the Legendary Augment Warpwave Assault! Send a stunning wave across the battle board, halting enemies in their tracks. Gain energy and those crucial seconds for a game-changing strategic edge! ⏳✨ #PVP #Illuvium #Ascendant #Web3
The Guilds of Illuvium
[2023-11-17] by Guilds
A look into the guilds of Illuvium
Elk Line NFT Teaser Video
[2023-11-17] by IlluviumIO Twitter
🦌✨ Explore the majestic Elk line of Illuvials! With their stunning signature VFX, they're a sight to behold. These graceful healers also double as formidable tanks, bringing a unique blend of beauty and brawn to your battles. 🛡️💚 #Illuvium #Web3 #GameDev
Augments tier list- Illuvium deck builder
[2023-11-17] by The_Comedian
The_Comedian has an opinion video where he is ranking the augments used in Illuvium Arena from best to worst.
Illuvium Expands Governance
[2023-11-17] by Jon Jordan
Expansive blockchain game Illuvium has announced significant tweaks to its governance structure, including the four committees covering marketing, game, strategy and operations. These committees sit under Illuvium’s main council and liaise with the community council, which itself is ultimately driven by the game’s token holders.

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